Showmanship is one of the basic requirements for showing in 4-H and a popular class at horse shows.  We are experts in showmanship for beginner and advanced students. Showmanship is the ability to show your horse to his best advantage.  It is done in a show halter for Western and a bridle for English.  The horse is shown “in hand” which means the handler is on the ground leading the horse.  Showmanship consists of performing a pattern which shows the training of your horse in certain maneuvers.  You are judged on your ability to have the horse perform the maneuvers and your overall presentation.  There is more detailed information under 4-H Fitting. Showmanship is good for children who need a self esteem or confidence boost.

Our students have done well in Showmanship in National level competitions.

Prices are the same as a riding lesson or you can split your lesson between riding and showmanship.