Western Dressage

Annett Farms  is proud to offer Western Dressage.  Elrita  graduated from the Western Dressage Training Program put on by the Western Dressage Association of America. The WDAA is the official association working with USEF for Western Dressage.  Western Dressage is something new and exciting for riders who want to show their horse’s abilities and test their own riding skills.  It is a nice mix of the precision of dressage, the Western Pleasure gaits with a touch of reining!  It is open to all breeds of horses. ( Don’t worry, you don’t have to make your Western horse  look like a Warmblood! LOL )

General Clinic Information -Introduction to Western Dressage - Clinic will cover the walk and jog requirements for the beginning tests, correct circles, head carriage for your breed, equitation and its effect on your horse - time permitting, we will work on the lope. Clinics can be one or two hours.  If there are four or more riders, a clinic to cover the first two tests takes an hour and a half or two hours.  It is not all riding, you are watching the other participants execute manuevers and perform the test so there are lots of rest periods. 

Since there is still a lot of confusion on the Western Dressage requirements, it is recommended that everyone start with the Introduction to Western Dressage.  From there, clinics or lessons can be developed for the more advanced tests.

 The beginning levels are not too difficult for the average horse and rider and are Walk/Jog type tests. Once you master the beginning tests, you move up to the next level and loping.  It is a steady progression for both horse and rider and you progress at your own pace.  

We are offering clinics (call or email for pricing) and instruction on your horse at our farm or yours. Special pricing for Equine Clubs who want to have a clinic as a fundraiser.

Lesson prices at our farm are $40 per hour.  If you want instruction at your farm, the additional cost will be $10 for travel gas and time up to 20 miles.    We are between Milford and Greenwood so if you are located in Milford, Greenwood, Harrington, Ellendale areas, there would be no charge.