Year End Results


AT Annett Farms

2016 Year End Awards


      Leadline                                Adult Leadline

Harry Montgomery                                  Kevin Aldrich

Avalon Davis                                         Heather Records

Kylie Moorman        

                • Stock Horse Halter
  • Jadasa Avalos                                               Champion:  Shooting Star

Nicholas Hudson                                                 Reserve: Sheza Simply Hot Zip

Caitlyn Cromer                                                     3rd DV’s RockN Hollywood

Katelyn Williams                                                4th Sallie’s Lil Allie

Anna Mae Cephas                                           5th What Happened to My Color

Eva Wiley                                                        6th Sillys Little Chip

Vincent Jackson

Grace Smith                                                                                                                  Pony Halt

Lillyanne Bolles                                                                                        Champion:  Top Hat Spyder Dance                                      

                          Reserve:  Xtreme Independence


Beginner Showmanship                                                                                                           3rd Definitely Bold

Champion:  Maddy Lester                                                                             3rd Rapunzel

Reserve:  Olivia Montgomery                                                                       4th Churtchell’s Supreme Eclipse

Reserve:  Kassidy Brown                                                                            5th Annbro High Sea

Reserve:  Savannah Baynard                                                                          6th Picture Perfect

3rd  Kaley Aldrich      

4th  Reagan Torbert                                                                                Advanced Showmanship

4th Grace Smith                                                                                     Champion:  Haley Reynolds

4th Acelynn Neall                                                                                 Reserve:  Rebekah Baughman

5th Alex Heber                                                                                      3rd  Megan Byrne

5th Anna Mae Cephas                                                                          4th  Sara Deason

6th Jadasa Avalos                                                                                   5th Michele Marinucci

                                                                                                                 6th Alex Herber 

Adult Showmanship      

Champion:  Mirina Brown                                                               Green Horse/Pony Division 

Reserve:  Michelle Marinucci                                                       Champion:  Whispering Cavalier

3rd Rosemary Baughman                                                                     Reserve:  Prime Time Diaz   

                                                                                                            3rd Dolce 

4-H Beginner Equitation                                                                                          4th What Happened to My Color

Champion:  Madison Elwood                                                             5th  Invested N Potential

Reserve:  Maddy Lester                                                                    6th KNF Cabana Boy

3rd Anna Mae Cephas

4th Maddie Smith

5th Dorothy DeShazo

5th Liam Buckson


Quarter Horse Division                                                                      4-H Division

Champion:  Sheza Simply Hot Zip                                                         Champion:  Olivia Montgomery

Reserve:  Sally’s Lil Allie                                                                                  Reserve: Haley Reynolds

3rd Invested N Potential                                                                     3rd Katelyn Records

4th Silly’s Little Chip                                                                          4th Rebekah Baughman

5th CCR Star Bar Tari                                                                            4th Sara Deason

6th Jacks Berry Flashy                                                                           5th Kassidy Brown

         6th Maddy Lester


Beginner English Equitation                                                                                 Intermediate English Equitation

Champion:  Kaley Aldrich                                                                    Champion:  Anna Humes

Reserve:  Aston Hudson                                                                           Reserve:  Alex Herber

3rd Maddy Lester                                                                                       Reserve:  Lanee Mitchell

4th Madison Elwood                                                                                   3rd Haley Shafer

5th Kylie Moorman                                                                                   4th Reagan Torbert

5th Sarah Kimbel                                                                                   5th Katelyn Records

6th Jenn Wiley                                                                                        6th Savannah Baynard


Advanced English Equitation                                                                              Mini Stirrup Division

Champion:  Olivia Montgomery                                                         Champion:  Haley Schafer

Reserve:  Rebekah Baughman                                                         Reserve:  Kaley Aldrich

3rd Kassidy Brown                                                                            3rd Lanee Mitchell

3rd Brielle Hermstedt                                                                        4th Kelly Phillips

4th Megan Bryne                                                                               5th Liam Buckson

5th Sara Deason                                                                               6th Madison Elwood

6th Jenna Rischitelli     

                                                                                                             Open Division

English Pleasure Horse                                                                       Champion:  Top Hat Spyder Dance

Champion:  DV’s Rock N Hollywood                                                     Reserve:  Definitely Bold

Reserve:  Her Glow in the Dark Panties                                               3rd Shooting Star

3rd CCR Bar Tari                                                                                    4th Sally’s Lil Allie

4th Jester                                                                                             5th DV’s Rock N Hollywood

5th Shooting Star                                                                                  6th Xtreme Independence

6th NOTF Delectable Dreams (Penny)

                                                                                                                 English Pleasure Pony

Paint Horse Division                                                                                  Champion: Definitely Bold

Champion:  Lins Jus Impressum                                                                 Reserve:  Top Hat Spyder Dance

Reserve:  Romeo Rockette                                                                            3rd Xtreme Independence

3rd What Happened to My Color                                                                   4th Annbro Sea Urchin

                                                                                                                        5th Churtchell’s Supreme Eclipse

Arabian Division                                                                                                                         6th Picture Perfect                  

Champion:  Dream on SS                              

Reserve:  Fabu Sabu

3rd KNF Cabana Boy

Beginner Hunter Over Fences                                                                    Intermediate Equitation Over Fences

Champion:  Whispering Cavalier                                                   Champion:  Brielle Hermstadt

Reserve:  Sally’s Lil Allie                                                                Reserve:  Kassidy Brown

3rd  Picture Perfect                                                                              3rd Olivia Montgomery

4th Moe       


Intermediate Hunter Over Fences                                                            Advanced Equitation Over Fences

Champion:  Picture Perfect                                                          Champion:  Rebekah Baughman

Reserve:  Definitely Bold                                                               Reserve:  Katelyn Records



                                                                                                               Advanced Hunter Over Fences

                                                                                                               Champion:  Shooting Star

Western Pleasure Division                                                                                      Reserve:  Sheza Simply Hot Zip

Champion:  Lins Jus Impressum

Reserve:  Sheza Simply Hot Zip     

3rd Silly’s Little Chip                                                                             Adult Western Horsemanship

4th Romeo Rockette                                                                            Champion:  Michelle Marinucci 

5th Sally’s Lil Allie                                                                               Reserve:  Mirina Brown

5th DV’s Rock N Hollywood

6th Prime Time Diaz        

                                                                                                                    Junior Western Horsemanship

Old Farts and Tarts                                                                                                                Champion:   Katelyn Records

Champion:  Steve Majchrzak                                                                         Reserve:  Alex Herber 

Reserve:  All the Marbles                                                                            3rd Maddy Lester

3rd Annbro Sea Urchin                                                                              3rd Megan Bryne

4th Dan Lynch                                                                                               4th Savannah Baynard

5th Picture Perfect                                                                                    5th Olivia Montgomery

5th Flying Gambado                                                                                     6th Kassidy Brown

6th Churtchell’s Supreme Eclipse                                                                 6th Haley Reynolds


All Around Challenge                                                                                                     Beginner Western Horsemanship

Champion:  Top Hat Spyder Dance                                                              Champion:  Katelyn Records

Reserve:  Shooting Star                                                                                Reserve:  Alex Herber

3rd Sally’s Lil Allie                                                                                       3rd  Sara Deason

4th Definitely Bold                                                                                     4th Kassidy Brown

5th Sheza Spanish Selection                                                                      4th Maddy Lester

6th Buddy’s Coolest Sparkz                                                                                 4th Dan Lynch

                                                                                                                     5th Maddie Smith

                                                                                                                  6th Heather Hudson

Casual Hunter Division

Champion:  Top Hat Spyder Dance                                                               Appaloosa Division

Reserve:  Jester                                                                                       Champion:  Her Glow in the Dark Panties

3rd Jacks Berry Flashy                                                                              Reserve:  DV’s Rock N Hollywood

4th DV’s Rock N Hollywood                                                                      3rd Prime Time Diaz

5th Shooting Star                                                                                      4th Definitely Bold

6th Sam the Man                                                                                     5th Bright Eyed Hollywood

                                                                                                                 6th Xtreme Independence

Limited Adult                                                                                                                  Beginner Trail

Champion:  Mirina Brown                                                                  Champion:  Silly’s Little Chip

Reserve:  Laura Board                                                                        Reserve:  Jester

3rd  Dan Lynch                                                                                   Reserve:  Rapunzel

                                                                                                          3rd CCR Star Bar Tari

Advanced Trail                                                                                                                 4th Dolce

Champion:  Sheza Simply Hot Zip                                                     4th Churtchell’s Supreme Eclipse

Reserve:  Sally’s Lil Allie                                                                   4th Bright Eyed Hollywood

3rd Shooting Star                                                                               5th Buddy’s Coolest Sparkz

3rd  Mocha                                                                                              5th Definitely Bold

3rd Investor’s Machine                                                                      5th Zena

                                                                                                         6th Whispering Cavalier

In Hand Beginner Trail

Champion:  Snickers                                                                       Beginner Speed Division

Reserve:  Silly’s Little Chip                                                                Champion:  Flying Gambado

Reserve:  Fabu Sabu                                                                           Reserve:  Buddy’s Coolest Sparkz – Katelyn

3rd Rapunzel                                                                                     Reserve:  Sheza Simply Hot Zip

4th Dolce                                                                                         3rd All the Marbles

5th Kelsey’s Kandy                                                                         4th What Happened to My Color

5th Buddy’s Coolest Sparkz                                                            5th Buddy’s Coolest Sparkz – Heather

6th Rapunzel – Grace                                                                       6th Her Glow in the Dark Panties

6th Whispering Cavalier


Advanced Speed Division

Champion:  Churtchells Supreme Eclipse

Reserve:  Ima Hot Topic

3rd Shooter

4th What Happened to My Color

5th Sheza Simply Hot Zip


 High Point Horse                                                                                                                        High Point Pony

Champion:  Sheza Simply Hot Zip                                                                   Champion:  Top Hat Spyder Dance


Reserve:  DV’s RockNHollywood                                                                    Reserve:  Definitely Bold

3rd Shooting Star                                                                                           3rd Churtchells Supreme Eclipse

4th Her Glow in the Dark Panties                                                                   4th Xtreme Independence

5th Sally’s Lil Allie                                                                                           5th Picture Perfect

6th What Happened to My Color                                                                   5th Whispering Cavalier

7th Silly’s Little Chip                                                                                        6th Annbro Sea Urchin

8th Prime Time Diaz                                                                                        7th Flying Gambado

9th Jester                                                                                                         8th Rapunzel

10th Romeo Rockette                                                                                      9th Bright Eyed Hollywood

                                                                                                                       10th Annbro High Sea