Year End Results

Karen’s Shows at Annett Farms

2017 Year End Awards

Leadline Champions:  Bryce Passwaters, Elsa Flores, Anna Flores, Shawna Smith, Samantha Lindebled, Ziva Levering, Ella Stansfield, Natalie Buchmoyer, Claudia Joy Dwight, Bella Hancock, Kenzie Wilkerson, Christie Voshell, Sophia Keenan, Rylee White, Chandler Baxter, Kenzie Gedney, MacKenzie, Harry Montgomery, Brooke Taylor

Adult Leadline Champions:  Ian Montgomery, Heather Hudson, Sara Knight

Stock Horse Halter    Champion:  Shooting Star;  Reserve Champion:  Roany;  3rd  Larking Past the Bar;  4th Figaro 5th Blazin Slippers; 6th Keep the Change

Quarter Horse Division  Champion:  Invester’s Machine,  Reserve Champion:  Roany;   3rd Jack’s Berry Flashy;    4th Blazin Slippers 5th Figaro;  6th Cashing in the Chips

Paint Horse Division    Champion:  Romeo Rockette;   Reserve Champion:  Stylin Without It;  3rd Smitty Cutter Bar;   4th Skippy Sam Lucky

Appaloosa Division    Champion:  DV’s RockNHollywood;  Reserve Champion:  Ain’t Dun Yet; 3rd Definitely Bold;  4th  Bright Eyed Hollywood

Arabian Division     Champion:  Fabu Sabu

Pony Halter    Champion:  Skipper John Jones;  Reserve Champion:  Churchell’s Supreme Eclipse; 3rd Over Time She Got Spots 3rd Annbro Sea Urchin; 4th Lost My Sock;  5th Xtreme Independence; 6th Picture Perfect

Open Division    Champion:  Aint Dun Yet;  Reserve Champion:  Made You Look;  3rd Romeo Rockette; 4th Shooting Star;  5th Stylin Without It; 6th Over Time She Got Spots

4-H Division     Champion:  Olivia Montgomery with DV’s RockNHollywood;  Reserve Champion: Danielle Urian with Ain’t Dun Yet; 3rd Addison Hayes with Skipper John Jones; 4th Rebekah Baughman with Shooting Star; 5th Laney Satterfield with Churchell’s Supreme Eclipse; 6th Natalie Buchmoyer with Potomac

Beginner Showmanship    Champion:  Lilyanne Bolles with Cashing in the Chips;  Champion:  Natalie Buchmoyer with Potomac;  Reserve Champion:  Donna Urian with  Over Time She Got Spots  3rd Anna Kimbel with Snickers; 4th Olivia Gaines    with  Blazin Slippers;  5th Lindsay Voshell with Roany and Figaro;  6th Grace Brown with Smitty Cutter Bar and Figaro

Advanced Showmanship    Champion:  Megan Bryne with What Happened to my Color;   Reserve Champion:  Rebekah Baughman with Shooting Star; 3rd Danielle Urian with Aint’ Dun Yet;  4th Kaley Aldrich with Fabu Sabu

Green Horse Division      Champion:  May the Horse Be With You;  Reserve Champion:  Figaro;  3rd  Xtreme Independence; 4th Promise;  5th Russian in Black;  6th Briggs

4-H Beginner Equitation    Champion:  Lilyann Bolles;  Reserve Champion:  Addison Hayes;  Reserve Champion:  Madison Elwood 3rd Dorothy Deshazo; 4th Lindsay Voshell; 5th Natalie Buchmayer; 6th Laney Satterfield

Mini Stirrup Equitation     Champion:Jocelyn Argo;  Reserve Champion:  Sarah Kimbel;  3rd Addison Hayes;  4th  Regan Torbert; 5th  Reese Albany;  6th Hannah Jeffry

Intermediate Equitation      Champion:  Danielle Urian;  Reserve Champion:  Madison Elwood;  3rd Kaley Aldrich;  4th Aston Hudson; 5th Olivia Gaines; 6th Regan Torbert, Lani Mitchell, Laney Satterfield

Advanced Equitation        Champion:  Olivia Montgomery;  Reserve Champion:  Lani Mitchell;  3rd Rebekah Baughman;  4th Madison Clayton;  5th Jaime Miller Vail, Aston Hudson;  6th Morgan Thomas

English Pleasure Horse    (Sponsored by Childers Show Horses)  Champion:  DV’s RockNHollywood; Reserve Champion:  Invester’s Machine;  3rd Larking Past the Bar; 4th Aint Dun Yet, Briggs; 5th Made You Look; 6th Shooting Star

Pony English Pleasure     Champion:  Churchell’s Supreme Eclipse with Laney Satterfield;  Reserve Champion:  Picture Perfect with Kylie Moorman;  Reserve Champion:  Annbro High Sea with Rylee Webb;  3rd Can Ya Keep a Secret with Delaney Bennett; 4th Skipper John Jones with Addison Hayes;  5th Definitely Bold with Alex Herber; 6th Promise with Kaley Aldrich

Casual Hunter   (Sponsored by All Creatures Veterinarian Services)  Champion:  Russian in Black  (Jocelyn Argo,  Alex Herber, Sara    Deason); Reserve Champion:  Larking Past the Bar (Madison Elwood and Aston Hudson);  3rd Picture Perfect (Aston Hudson and Kylie Moorman);  4th Jacks Berry Flashy  with Jenna Ward; 5th Investers Machine with Madison Elwood;  6th DV’s RockNHollywood with Olivia Montgomery

Limited Adult     Champion:  Lexi Blocksom;  Reserve Champion:  Kirsten Ward;  3rd  Haley Reynolds;  4th  Sara Deason; 5th Heather Hudson


All Around Challenge     Champion:  Almost Perfect,  Champion:  Stylin Without It; Reserve Champion:  Bright Eyed Hollywood 3rd  Shooting Star, 3rd Skipper John Jones;  4th Romeo Rockette; 5th Invester’s Machine

Western Pleasure     Champion:  DV’s RockNHollywood; Reserve Champion:  Larking Past the Bar; 3rd Aint Dun Yet

Junior Western Horsemanship    Champion:  Olivia Gaines    Champion:  Danielle Urian

Adult Western Horsemanship    Champion:  Shelly Lynch   Reserve Champion:  Megan Bryne

Beginner Western Horsemanship  (Sponsored by Spiritland Farm)  Champion:  Olivia Montgomery;  Reserve Champion:  Anna  Kimbel;  3rd  Lindsay Voshell; 4th Grace Brown;  5th  Haley Reynolds; 5th Lilyanne Bolles;  6th Danielle Urian

Beginner Trail     Champion:  Sarah Kimbel; Reserve Champion:  Hannah Jeffry, Reserve Champion:  Addison Hayes; 3rd Lilyanne Bolles, 3rd Madison Elwood, 3rd Reese Albany; 4th Kylee Moorman, 4th Anna Kimbel;  5th Lindsay Voshell; 6th Jocelyn Argo

Advanced Trail     Champion:  Megan Bryne;  Reserve Champion:  Danielle Urian;  3rd Rebekah Baughman, 3rd Haley Reynolds; 4th Regan Torbert


In Hand Beginner Trail     Champion:  Anna Kimbel with Snickers;  Reserve Champion:  Donna Urian with  Over Time She Got Spots, Reserve Champion:  Anna Kimbel with LFS Magnificent Pearl;  3rd Ella Stansfield with Snickers; 4th Reese Albany with Snickers; 5th Grace Brown with Roany;

 6th Aston Hudson with Keep the Change

In Hand Advanced Trail    Champion:  Rebekah Baughman with Shooting Star,  Champion:  Haley Reynolds with Russian in Black; Reserve Champion:  Megan Bryne with Made You Look

Beginner Equitation Over Fences    Champion:  Madison Elwood;  Reserve Champion:  Kylie Moorman, Reserve Champion:  Reese Albany; 3rd Jocelyn Argo;  4th Aston Hudson; 5th Danielle Urian;  6th  Rylee Webb

Beginner Hunter Over Fences   Champion:  Picture Perfect with Kylie Moorman; Reserve Champion:  Investers Machine with  Madison Elwood; 3rd Russian in Black with Jocelyn Argo; 4th Aint Dun Yet with Danielle Urian; 5th Jester with Sarah Kimbel, 6th Annbro High Sea with Rylee Webb

Intermediate Equitation over Fences    Champion:  Olivian Montgomery;  Reserve Champion:  Danielle Urian;  

 3rd Aston Hudson; 4th Jocelyn Argo; 5th Laney Satterfield


Intermediate Hunter Over Fences     Champion:  DV’s RockNHollywood;  Reserve Champion:  Larking Past The Bar;

 3rd  Churchell’s Supreme Eclipse; 4th Jester; 5th Shez Conspicuously Doc;  6th Aint Dun Yet


Advanced Equitation Over Fences     Champion:  Jenna Rischitelli;  Reserve Champion:  Aston Hudson


Advanced Hunter Over Fences:  Champion:  The Mo You Know;  Reserve Champion:  Larking Past the Bar


2017 Year End Awards  Page 3


Overall High Point Horse



DV’S RockNHollywood with Olivia Montgomery


Reserve Champion

Ain’t Dun Yet with Donna Urian


Overall High Point Pony



Churchell’s Supreme Eclipse with Lanee Satterfield


Reserve Champion

May The Horse Be With You with Aston Hudson




Karen Kershaw Award for Equestrian of the Year

The Karen Kershaw Award is for a rider who has exhibited good sportsmanship whether winning or losing, shows grace when correcting their horse in the ring, exhibits compassion when dealing with a horse who is not cooperating and best exemplifies the qualities of a good equestrian in the ring.


Ron Annett Award for Horse Show Dad/StepDad of the Year

This award is in memory of my father, Ron Annett, the best Horse Show Dad ever.   It is awarded to the Dad who is always there helping, willing to haul horses and kids to the shows,  ever ready to pick up saddles and do the heavy lifting.  



Maymar Annett Award for Horse Show Mom/StepMom of the Year

This award goes to the Mom who is always ready to take their child to the show, carries a rag in her pocket, a brush in her hand, and gets their child to the ring, ready to show on time.   Most of all gives lots of moral support no matter how bad the day is going. 


Tough Enough Award:  This is a special award to a rider who keeps on showing when the showing gets tough.  


Dusty Bottoms:  It appears that no one got a dusty bottom this year!  Congratulations to everyone!