4-H show Class Descriptions

Class List Terms Explained:

Halter:  Class is judged on the conformation (bone structure, muscling, balance) of the horse.

Showmanship:  Class is judged on the handler’s ability to present the horse to the judge.  The horse is not judged in this class except as it pertains to its responses to the handler.  For a more detailed explanation plus the point system for Showmanship, please click on 4-H Fit/Showmanship to the right.  

Equitation and Horsemanship:  Class is judged on the rider including the correctness of their seat, hands, legs and the ability of the rider to communicate clearly with their horse.

Pleasure:  Class is judged on the horse, its ability to respond to the rider’s requests as well as movement.  The horse should be well-balanced in its movement and pleasing to the eye

. Go As You Please:  A pleasure class judged on the horse/pony, to be shown both ways of the ring at a walk and “go as you please”.  Go as You Please is whatever gait you think your horse does the best.  You choose to trot, canter, pace, running walk or whatever gait your horse does best.  Horses are judged on manners, way of going, and responsiveness to rider.

Equitation Over Fences:  Class is judged on the rider over a series of  jumps.

Hunter Over Fences:  Class is judged on the horse.  Hunters should clear the fences cleanly and be calm and steady throughout all of the fences.  This class is not timed.  Beginner Hunter is a Green Hunter (I got carried away with beginner!)

Trail:  Class is judged on the horse’s ability to navigate a series of obstacles that might be encountered on a trail ride or riding outside of a ring.



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