Year End Awards

Karen’s Shows Year End Awards:

   A registration form is required.  Forms will be at entry booth. You and/or your horse must attend at least three shows to qualify for Year End awards.  Points will be tracked on all placing entries with a final placing for the entire show season for division.  Showmanship, equitation, and horsemanship points go with the rider; halter, pleasure, trail and all other performance class points go with the horse.  Year End Awards will be given for all divisions at the show. There must be at least three qualified horses/riders  in the division to get a year- end award.   There will be no year-end award if there are less than three qualified recipients.  All lead liners, even those that only show at one show, will receive a year end award!


Special Year End Awards:

Karen Kershaw Award for Equestrian of the Year

The Karen Kershaw Award is for a rider who has exhibited good sportsmanship whether winning or losing, shows grace when correcting their horse, exhibits compassion when dealing with a horse who is not cooperating and best exemplifies the qualities of a good equestrian in the ring and at the show.  All riders at the show are eligible for this award.  It can be awarded to any age rider or any discipline. 

Paul White Horsemanship Award

This award goes to the rider who accumulates the most horsemanship points for the year.  Open to all horsemanship riders in all horsemanship divisions.  This award is in honor of Paul White, a great horseman in all respects who was dedicated to the improvement of his riders.  Paul was friendly and helpful to everyone at a horse show and exemplified the attitude which is promoted at Karen’s Shows.

Kathryn Barner Equitation Award

This award is for the rider who accumulates the most equitation points for the year.  Open to all equitation riders in all equitation divisions.  This award is in honor of Mrs. Barner, who was a life-long riding instructor and devoted to improving English riders.   

Ron Annett Award for Horse Show Dad/StepDad of the Year

This award is in memory of my father, Ron Annett, the best Horse Show Dad ever.   It is awarded to the Dad who is always there helping, willing to haul horses and kids to the shows,  ever ready to pick up saddles and do the heavy lifting.


Maymar Annett Award for Horse Show Mom/StepMom of the Year

This award goes to the Mom who is always ready to take their child to the show, carries a rag in her pocket, a brush in her hand, and gets their child to the ring, ready to show on time.   Most of all gives lots of moral support no matter how bad the day is going. 


Dusty Bottoms:  This award goes to the “fallen” riders for the year.  No one won the award in 2017.  Let’s keep up the good work in 2018! 


If you know someone who should be considered for the above awards, please send me an email with a brief explanation. 

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